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Professor Cartwright, Director of the Aged Services Learning and Research Centre, Aged Services Unit at Southern Cross University.


Pain Relief at the End of Life for People with Dementia

Presented Wednesday 13 April 2011, 2.00-3.30pm, University of Melbourne, Hawthorn campus

Presented Wednesday 13 April 2011, 2.00-3.30pm, University of Melbourne, Hawthorn campus

Presented Wednesday 13 April 2011, 2.00-3.30pm, University of Melbourne, Hawthorn campus

Relate, Motivate, Appreciate - A Montessori Resource

People with dementia are often confronted with what they can no longer do or with the mistakes that they make. Montessori principles are designed to focus on what they can still do.

Relate, Motivate, Appreciate explores the  elements of a meaningful interaction with someone living with dementia and describes the principles of engagement under this approach.  Ideas for activities are grouped under 5 themes: watching, listening, touching, smelling and tasting.These activities are a starting point that will hopefully serve as inspiration for you to think of activities that the person living with dementia will enjoy.

Download the resource here  or

Order your copy of Relate, Motivate, Appreciate through the order form below and recieve a bonus DVD and workbook to help visually guide you through the elements of the Montessori approach. 

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Advance Care Planning - Respecting Patient Choices

Until the end of April 2014, Respecting Patient Choices at the Austin Hospital is offering Advance Care Planning consultations to people who have been recently diagnosed with dementia.

For more information on this initiative, download the information flyer (PDF, 120 KB) or contact Lyn Robb R.N. RPC Project Officer on (03) 9496 6653.

For more information on Advance Care Planning, go

Advance Care Planning - Associate Professor Bill Silvester

Click here for the link to the Respecting Patient Choices website.

Presented Wednesday 18 May 2011, 5pm University of Melbourne, Hawthorn campus.

Leadership in Quality Dementia Support Forum

Deborah McKern - Caring for the bold and the beautiful. Download presentation here
Susan McLaine - Bibliotheraphy: Reading for wellbeing in aged care. Download presentation here
Peter Birkett - An Innovative Rural approach to Dementia.Download presentation here
Jeanette Faorlin - Art and Photography Program. Download presentation here
Wendy Walters & Catherine Morley - A Montessori approach to dementia care. Download presentation here

Presented Tuesday 14 August 2012, 9:00am- 4:00pm, Leonda by The Yarra, Hawthorn



The 'Friends Matter' booklet reinforces the importance of friendship and social connection for people with dementia and provides strategies and ideas to help an individual engage and maintain their friendship with their friend who has developed dementia.

A FREE copy of the 'Friends Matter' booklet is accessible here.

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