Alzheimer's Australia Vic: A society committed to the prevention of dementia while valuing and supporting people living with dementia

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic assists people with dementia as well as carers and families to manage the daily challenges that dementia brings. We work with care staff and students to deliver best practice in dementia care. We also teach the community about dementia and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle in helping to reduce dementia risk. We provide leadership in dementia policy, risk reduction and services.

Good governance is an integral part of our organisation's ability to work effectively and openly, founded on strong relationships between senior board members, our CEO, staff, stakeholders, and the community.


Linda Dessau AC, QC, Governor of Victoria. 


It is the responsibility of the Board to govern, direct and monitor the organisation in partnership with the CEO. The Board ensures the highest level of good governance by ensuring compliance with the organisation’s strategic objectives, values and the associated legislation.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Setting strategic directions, objectives and targets
  • Monitoring and assessing performance, including financial viability and management against agreed strategies, targets and objectives
  • Appointing the CEO and charging him/her with carrying out the Board’s decisions, including implementing the strategic and business plans
  • Identifying significant areas of business risk
  • Establishing policies, procedures and internal controls to manage such risks
  • Establishing policies regarding appropriate ethical standards
  • Ensuring compliance in legal and ethical matters
  • Reporting to the members

All Board members act in a voluntary capacity and receive no remuneration.

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Senior Management Team

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Honorary Members:

  • Lyn Allison
  • David Andrews
  • Margaret Cameron
  • Patricia Collett OAM
  • Anne Fairhall
  • David Galbally AM QC
  • Geoffrey Gill
  • Stephen Hawke
  • Carolyn Holten
  • Dr Susan Koch
  • Garry Lovell
  • Mandy Lovell
  • Mary Lyttle
  • Edie Mayhew
  • Lynette Moore
  • Brian Moss AM
  • Barbara Potter AM
  • Gordon Robinson
  • Nich Rogers
  • Jack Sach
  • Carmel Thorne
  • Anne Tudor
  • Tom Valenta
  • Keith Wehl
  • Pamela Galli
  • Tony Walsh
  • Margaret Baulch