Dementia statistics for Victoria

Alzheimer’s Australia Vic commissioned research into the prevalence of dementia in Victoria that was released in February 2016. This research specific to Victoria was updated for 2017.

Further to this in February 2017 a separate study presenting national research into the prevalence of dementia was released. The full findings can be found here

Dementia prevalence at a glance

In Victoria, there are an estimated 104,622 people with dementia in 2017, which is estimated to increase to 134,486 in 2025 and 280,241 by 2056 in the absence of a significant medical breakthrough. This is estimated to cost Victoria $3.7 billion in 2017, which is expected to soar to $4.7 billion in eight years, by 2025, and to $9.4 billion by 2056. You can read more here about the figures released in February 2017.

The following charts contain data for 2017 and projected data for 2050: click the links to read the PDF.

Click here to see the data by Victorian Local Government Areas*.

Click here to see the data by Victorian State Electoral Districts*.

Click here to see the data by Federal Electoral Divisions*.

Click here to see the data by Victorian Health Region*.

* All data sourced from a NATSEM University of Canberra. Research commissioned by Alzheimer’s Australia Vic in 2015 released in February 2016.

Dementia prevalence in Victoria - original details from February 2016

Read the media release from 10 February 2016 about this research, conducted by NATSEM, University of Canberra, here. Listen to the 2016 interviews with Maree McCabe, CEO Alzheimer's Australia Vic on 3AW, ABC Ballarat and ABC Gippsland. Listen to Dan and Jane Gardam talking to Jon Faine on 774ABC. Dan is 63 and living with dementia. Or you can read this story that featured across Leader Newspapers in February 2016.

Read an overview of the 2016 research findings here*.

National dementia statistics:

For a summary of dementia statistics in Australia, please click here.

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Victorian State Budget Submission 2016-17:

Alzheimer's Australia Vic offers this submission to inform the 2016-17 State Budget process and help the Government deliver support to the estimated 96,789 Victorians of all ages living with dementia. You can download this document here: