Corporate Giving

Workplace Payroll Giving programs allow employees the opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact on the work of their preferred not-for-profit organisations through a direct tax deductible donation from their pre-tax pay.

How does Alzheimer's Australia Vic benefit?

For Alzheimer's Australia Vic, workplace giving provides stable and continued funding. The ongoing and generous support of workplace givers means we are able to plan effectively to continue to support the Victorians who access our services.

Beginning a workplace giving scheme

Many companies support and facilitate regular employee donations to charity (also called workplace giving or payroll giving). We can help you organise your workplace to make one-off regular donations either through the pay office or through regular events.

Alternatively in Australia, there are two organisations that can assist companies by administering payroll deduction schemes through a single agency: CAF Australia and United Way. Both charge minimal administrative costs at the time of donating (see individual agencies for their administrative fees).

Workplace giving is a tax efficient way for employees to give to charity through their employer’s payroll. It’s an excellent way for employees to easily support charitable organisations pre-tax.

Many employers also match the funds given by employees further boosting charitable giving and staff involvement.

To find out more, email our fundraising team or call 03 9815 7800.